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Nov 2, 2020

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Be The Pigeon, Not The Statue

Australian Walker and Welsh startup support Fred Hollows Foundation sight charity for incredible 500 miles 30 days walking challenge.

A Melbourne walker has teamed up with Cardiff based startup One Million Steps to take on a 500-mile challenge in an incredible 30 days to help prevent avoidable blindness. That is more than 8,500 times around a football pitch! You can track Cliff’s progress, donate or take a Pigeon Pledge here

Cliff Karp, Founder, Be The Pigeon

Cliff Karp, Founder of Be The Pigeon, initially contacted Million Steps in May, but Melbourne went into a full lockdown lasting 112 days. As soon as lockdown ended, the 1st of November was chosen.

“The ethos of Be the Pigeon is to Empower Yourself, Empower Others, Be Kind. I wanted to bring hope to those affected by the pandemic and lockdown; to remind everyone to come together, care for each other and ourselves,” said Cliff.

Although I am not a serious walker I like looking for interesting challenges. During the first lockdown, I set up a 150-metre loop in my house, and I ended up running 54k kilometres. I then set up a 5-kilometre course, and ran 100 kilometres asking people to donate to, and send me motivational songs. I realised that Be the Pigeon should lead the way to inspire kindness and send a message that together, we can get through this”.

Cliff has to average 33,333 steps a day over 30 days to complete the challenge, which is 16.6 miles (26.6 km) a day!

Ranjit Ghoshal, Founder, One Million Steps

Ranjit Ghoshal, Founder of Wales UK-based One Million Steps, said he was surprised, confused, and then touched by what Cliff wanted to achieve as they customised the challenge for Cliff.

“We know how tough the challenge can be. I must admit my fastest time is about 54 days. To do it in 30 days is on the crazy side. But what struck me was the enormity of Cliff’s generosity.

Cliff wanted to support the fantastic work The Fred Hollows Foundation carry out to prevent avoidable blindness, but he was clear it was not about his passion alone. That donating blood, supporting a cause close to your heart, and showing kindness in these difficult times can fuel community spirit. That by doing something for each other, we can keep moving forward”.

Cliff Karp

As a startup, it’s such an honour to have our first Australian participant and one who shares the breadth of the social good ethos at”.

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