One Million Steps

May 4, 2020

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My Discombobulated Brain launches virtual Million Steps Challenge 15th June 2020

Do Good and Feel Good as you walk one million steps and help us raise funds to support the vital work we do in communities

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The My Discombobulated Brain Million Steps Challenge

My Discombobulated Brain are excited to announce our very first virtual fundraising challenge!

We have partnered with Cardiff based social good start-up as part of their #HelpOurCharities Campaign to help the non-profit sector raise funds during the current Covid-19 lockdown.

How is Covid-19 affecting the charity sector and why a virtual challenge?

For charities, the cancellation of events over spring, summer and autumn will have a devastating effect. The sector is poised to lose £4 billion in fundraising. This will impact our ability to provide the life-changing support we carry out every day.

As the world adapts to these new circumstances, so must we. And what better way to do this than with a virtual challenge! It’s a huge boost to your health and wellbeing and participants can keep within the Government’s lockdown guidelines.

Ranjit Ghoshal, Founder of said: “As a social good business, we had to rise to the challenge. The world has not stopped turning. Charities still provide support every day. This is our way of giving back and saying thank you for the support charities like your charity name provide”

What is the Million Steps Challenge and when does it start?

The challenge begins on 15th June 2020 and participants can walk, jog on the spot, or even dance their way to a total of one million steps in 100 days (an average of 10,000 a day). It’s an amazing 500 miles!

And there is no need to set up a fundraising page elsewhere, participants just use the integrated fundraising platform to raise money for the work we do.

Why is My Discombobulated Brain fundraising?

“My Discombobulated Brain is fundraising to raise funds towards the fantastic projects we have in the pipeline to provide vital support for those who need it when they need it most, such as helping us fund our innovative app that will allow users to get crisis support in real-time” said Founder, Laura Jane Dernie

“A virtual fundraising challenge like One Million Steps is perfect in the current CoVid-19 crisis. It allows us to engage with our supporters and is both a meaningful challenge and something to be proud of when completed”.

One Million Steps in 100 days. Why is it such an amazing challenge?

A poll by a cancer charity in 2017 found that half of Britons probably walked only 2000 steps a day. And research carried out by Stanford University found that even for those who tracked their steps, the average steps in the UK was just 5444!

This means a million steps in 100 days is a fantastic achievement. It’s an incredible 500 miles!

It is MORE than the distance between London to Zurich, Switzerland or Brighton to Inverness, Scotland, or 8,800 times around a football pitch or 2,000 times around a 400-meter running track

In fact, it’s like doing 18 marathons in 100 days. It really is something participants can feel proud of.

What are the top health benefits of completing 10,000 steps a day?

● A stronger heart — helping to prevent cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, and strokes

● Helps to achieve or maintain a healthy weight — being overweight is a key risk factor for diseases such as diabetes and cancer

● Maintains more stable blood sugar levels — helping to reduce the risk of diabetes

● Helps your brain function better — aerobic exercise has been found to help the brain stave off decline

How can participants sign up and how much does it cost?

There are two options for sign up

Take the challenge for My Discombobulated Brain

Are there any bonuses when participants sign up?

There are three great bonuses when participants sign up.

Notes For Editors:

My Discombobulated Brain

Take the challenge for My Discombobulated Brain

For further information, to arrange an interview with Laura Jane Dernie, or for businesses who wish to take part and support us please call on 07816256756 or

For more information on My Discombobulated Brain, please visit

For More information about Million Steps #HelpOurCharities Campaign please click here

Million Steps: For further information visit, or to arrange an interview with Founder, Ranjit Ghoshal please visit or contact 0783 007 2386 or

Further Information

Sign up Options:

1) With Complete System With Bluetooth Pedometer

£28 (20% #HelpOurCharities Discount)

RRP £35. Includes Bluetooth Pedometer, VAT and Delivery

2) Google Fit or Apple Heath

For participants who already have a tracker. Connect to a range of fitness trackers and running apps or even use your phone’s movement sensors to get your steps!

£10 (20% #HelpOurCharities Discount)

RRP £12.50 Includes VAT